Advanced Testoboost Buying Guide and Results- Does Niwali’s booster BOMB or BANG?

Advanced Testoboost Reviewed:

The Good:  Some decent natural testosterone supplements in the mix. Some good results for libido and energy.

The Bad:  Scammy sales practices (some are terrible). Dosages and results are also odd.2star

Review: As men, you probably know you get judged by performance. So It’s not surprising that many guys (especially past age 30) look for an answer to preserve their strength, looks, and sexual drive all at the same time.

What does Niwali Testoboost do?

Round 2014, media was flooded with the first widely available boosters – and Testoboost was one of the strongest when it came to advertising. It has since been plagued by scam reports; though it is basically a natural testosterone supplement that stimulates your body to produce certain levels of testosterone, and actually works fairly well. But is it worth your money, and the time it takes to find a trusted buying option?

Ingredients:  How Does Advanced Testoboost Work?

Advanced testoboost contains several blends of natural ingredients that work together to release and increase testosterone levels in the body.Its primary ingredients are Longjack, L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, and Asian Ginseng.

Effects are not as strong as others – though still noticeable after a few weeks.

testoboost ingredients

Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack)Tongkat Ali or LongJack is a flowering plant on a tree with a distinctive long thin shape- native to Malysia and fairly rare in the wild. It is proven to increase libido and sperm volume in experiments – and also has a number of other benefits like decreasing stress levels, and strength (scroll down for this research). The dosages here may be slightly under dosed.

  •  Ginseng:  We really like Panax or Asian Ginseng as it has a range of reliable benefits – from alertness to sex drive to anti-aging/anti oxidants, and more. Note that the Asian variety is considered more valuable, and has more benefits than Siberian or American ginseng. Testoboost has a strong dose.

Tribulus Terrestris – In Eastern cultures like China and india, this is known herb for male virility and vitality.   Some research shows good effects on heart health, urogenital health and sex drive – it also seems to work as an adaptogen, meaning that it is versatile for all kinds of things involving health, strength and stamina- though in reality, effects tend to be moderate rather than miraculous. It’s actually rare that a company bothers to standardize for Protodioscin- which makes Tribulus a lot more effective as a test booster: but without the company following good manufacturing standards- there’s no way to check quality.

  •  L Arginine: This is an essential amino acid, found to be important in treating conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and more. It has small but reliable benefits for a range of energetic effects, from anti aging to stamina. Again, not miraculous, but nice when combined with other ingredients. Here it is likely badly underdosed – you normally need 2-3 GRAMS of this ingredient.
  • Zinc:  An essential mineral for balancing out many bodily functions, zinc is used for all kinds of illness prevention, and also to treat low testosterone problems.  We like that Testoboost has a high dose of zinc (though you may have to be alert after 3 months for allergies, as this may interfere with the balance of other minerals in your body like iron and calcium). 50 mg is very high though potentially useful. Now this would normally be safe, but the zinc oxide version is known to be low quality- and this amount may even be slightly toxic in the long term.

Testoboost Results: So does it really work?

Not so fast dude …

The short answer is yes- Testoboost has some good effects and it is not a placebo (imaginary benefits because the user feels a positive attitude).

For users who are seasoned bodybuilders with likely high testosterone to start, and looking for a legal steroid replacement – NO this is nowhere likely to be as strong, sorry to say. And no it will NOT increase the size of your penis – no matter what ads you may have seen  : )

So this supplement is not as strong as we would like, but it does work for many low testosterone users, and some effects on energy and libido.

Side Effects? Is It Safe?

Based on ingredients – you are not likely to suffer side effects unless you overdose. As mentioned above, you may want to cycle off Testoboost after 2-3 months due to the high zinc content. This should not be a big deal, as many supplements (especially for muscle gain) require cycling off after just a few weeks.

How to Take Testoboost – Instructions

You only need to take 2 capsules, once a day.

Where Can You Buy it?

The ingredient mix for Advanced Testoboost is decent, but we don’t really want to recommend it: there seem to be too many complaints about Niwali – the parent company.

UPDATE:  Testoboost has been discontinued on Amazon or GNC, and no longer seems available from separate sellers. As of July 2016, we still hear of its marketing campaigns around the world though – so read on to learn more about its pros and cons – and what we recommend instead of Testoboost…

Scam? Or just a pain in the @$$

We did not want to slam Testoboost outright, as there are even more useless boosters out there. However, we have to warn you; because some of the problems we’ve heard about Niwali are downright terrible:

  • Gert Louw is a bodybuilder who has been documented for great personal results, and featured on He reports that late in 2013 – the company behind Testoboost created an elaborate fake story that featured him gaining great (and greatly unrealistic) results, just from using Testoboost – in only a few weeks duration.

You can watch his helpful newsflash here:

Best of all- they offered to charge HIM $200 to remove the campaign!  *LOL*  That’s just crazy, and borderline criminal.

  • Another trick both Niwali and their re-sellers seem to do is to claim that Testoboost is used by a lot of celebrities like athletes and Hollywood actors (Dwayne Johnson, Gerard Butler and more)- and then top it off by creating flimsy sites that feature a logo that looks like Men’s Health or Men’s Fitness magazines. Many of these thin sites are now down, but you’ve been warned …

Other re-sellers have links that don’t seem to be working well:

This is likely to be a fake ad:  links don’t work properly (and read on to learn about the “free trial” horror) . You’re unlikely to get “massive muscle gains fast” based on the actual ingredients and science.

And the Youtube page is full of strange keyword phrases at the bottom of the page (if you click on the page’s “show more” and scroll down..), which is an attempt to manipulate Google algorithm into ranking this page higher in the search engines.

Finally, there’s the free trial gimmick.  You’ll find that they need your credit card info—because while the Testoboost is free, shipping comes at a cost. But what’s $5 right? So you give your credit card info.

And that’s how your trouble starts. You see, by accepting the “free” item, you also agree to the (demonic) terms and conditions. And those terms include the fact that you actually have to pay full price in 2 weeks. You’re also enrolled in an auto shipment program, so you keep on getting the Testoboost while you keep paying full price with delivery charges.

As of July 2016, most Niwali Testoboost sites and their “terms’ seem to have been discontinued .

Or they have been replaced –  Some Testoboost links may redirect you to another dubious product “TesteroneXL”:

For most of these sites, when you try to contact the toll-free number to ask for a refund, you’ll get a brusque customer service person telling you that you can’t get a refund. Do read the fine print if you can.

Basically, Testoboost and Niwali feature some of the worst- and borderline criminal – scam policies and ads around.

Testoboost vs Testofuel

Testofuel is a much better product. While we would not say it is the best booster on the market, it definitely features better all round dosages, as well as being backed by a quality company. You can click here to read about Testofuel in our detailed review


Niwali’s Advanced Testoboost may have been halfway decent, though featuring some some odd dosages. Problem is that it is depressingly plagued by scams. Please try something else.

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