Bathmate Reviews- Does It Really Work To Make Your Penis Bigger?

Bathmate and Hydromax Reviews – Editor’s Rating

Original Series (Hercules and Goliath): 

Hydromax X-series (X30 on):

X-Treme series: (for experienced users)

The Good:  It really does work, although for more permanent improvements it’ll take longer to see the results. It’s also safe and not really all that hard to use. It’s definitely a league above other low quality pumps out there, which is mainly why it’s so popular.

The Bad: Its popularity is also its main drawback, as there are a lot of fake Bathmate products . So you need to do some research on the seller to confirm they’re legit.

Overview:  Bathmate is looking to be a great brand in 2017 on,  and makes penis enlargement actually fast, easy & safe. Bigger is better? “Does Bathmate really work?”

Guys – you’ve probably seen some porn, and some actors are ridiculously big. Even if mentally you KNOW its probably faked, as many porn stars use prosthetics and good camera angles – we can’t help comparing.

Or even if your lady says size don’t matter- you wonder if she’s being nice to you.

Editor’s note: I remember a couple of years back when I served in the military – where guys are forced to bunk and shower together; when one ass used to go round naked, slapping other guys thighs with his dick,  just cos he could. Whether or not you get Bathmate, don’t be that guy  ; )

Bathmate has somehow become very popular in 2016, and looks set to do even better in 2017. Because it makes penis enlargement fast, easy & safe.

Now you could try taking various types of pills and supplements- which cannot work to make your dick physically grow, sorry. But if what you want is size and actual gains, you probably should try Bathmate.

Is Bathmate safe to use?

Bathmate is not exactly “high end”, aimed at the everyday guy- but retails at easily over $100+ per piece (but there are several options so read on…)  Now you COULD get a cheap air pump, but we’ve heard too many horror stories about getting badly bruised.

That was kind of fearsome- so we did a lot of research, and were hesitant to try at first. But the Bathmate hydropump system uses a water based pump system for more evened-out pressure and added comfort. It’s many times more efficient than air pumps; you can use when you shower – and though you do have to put in some time, it really works.

Safety – Side effects: How has this been tested? 

This original series, and all the Bathmate gadgets that followed, have all been clinically proven safe to be used in the genital area.

These devices have undergone rigorous clinical trials at the renowned Aspen Clinical Research for Global Product Testing. This testing ensures that products are compliant with FDA and GCP standards and safeguards – and also that the results from the trial have controls, are tested against placebos, and are as unbiased as can be. 

The gadgets are all made from medical-grade materials, and they’re safe for the skin and free of phthalates. Essentially, you won’t get any sort of rash on your skin when you use this.

Easy and Fun?!

So you don’t have to resort to expensive and complicated surgery, to get a bigger dick. You can ALSO perform manual exercises and eventually get decent results if you’re doing it right.

It’s just that with Bathmate it takes a lot less effort, and you get faster results. Besides, it  can make the entire process a bit more fun. You’ll be more motivated to carry on, especially when you see those gains.

Which Bathmate is right for me?

Years back, the first 2 basic models were the Hercules, and the Goliath. The Hercules (love the names) was meant for more normally endowed men, and the Goliath is the big version.

(there is a size guide on the Bathmate site, for all models – you can enter specific measurements)   The Hydromax line is the improved version, with various types of efficiency and comfort features. The Hydromax versions also deliver 35% more power, which tends to speed up the results you get.

All the models are self contained – compact, simple and efficient – though the Hydromax Xtreme (meant for advanced users) includes a hand pump.

All the models have an “ergonomically designed gaiter” – a softer rubber like suction which helps to comfortably create a seal against your groin area, to create a kind of suction while maintaining safety and comfort. Basically- pumping and sealing and water pressure inside the device (read more later about how to use) creates internal pressure on the device, which stimulates or trains the tissues of your penis in a certain way. Like a kind of strength or resistance training.

Here’s an overview of the different models:

The Hercules – This is the original standard sized Bathmate; meant for guys with an erect length of max 7 inches. Its supposed to give you extra space to grow – so the max potential length is 8.5 inches, girth 6.7 inches.

If you’re already big, you’ll prob need something bigger. But this will fit most guys (the Hydromax x30 is the “upgraded” equivalent in terms of size) The Hercules is also the least expensive, and some people think it’s the “go to” model for beginners.

HydroMax X30 – We think the HydroMax line is about Efficiency. The Hercules is simple and uncomplicated to use, but the X30 makes things efficient and fun, like you don’t even have to think about it being used. But note that the Hercules and Originals are good enough for most people.

Hydromax is meant to get you max results in the fastest time- The valve system is different from the originals, with 35% more suction.

xtreme 2The X30 will be the best choice for most guys out there – it is the upgraded size version of the basic Hercules, and it also gives plenty of room for future growth. Max gains are 8.5 inches length and 6.7 inches girth as the upper limit.

HydroMax X20 – This one is actually new, and the latest niche version: meant to be good for guys with a naturally below average size penis (no shame in being honest with yourself). Meant for guys about 5 inches in erect length, or under. Allows for a max increase to 7.5 inches, and a girth of 51/2 inches.

HydroMax X40 – The X40 has the same features as the others in the series and the X30. But as you can guess, its bigger, yet smaller than the Goliath (big originals version).

For guys with erect penis size 7 to 9 inches, max length capacity 10 inches (yes the website will teach you how to measure and all that).

The Goliath – Supposedly the biggest penis pump in the world… probably meant for existing porn stars, mutant horses and the like  ;p  For a 9 inch penis , with a max capacity of 10 ½ inches.

HydroMax Xtreme – The most “advanced”  Bathmate models are upgrades of the X30 and X40, and probably intended for users who already have several years of experience with Bathmate. Or who are more selective and deliberate.

They are upgraded (even further) versions of the Hydromax, with a handball pump for added efficiency- even easier to pump and move around while using – and a range of extras like a kit for cleaning, storing and more.


Instructions and How to Use Bathmate

Each of these gadgets comes with a set of very clear instructions on what to do. We recommend you see this first, from the original Bathmate site:

Guys, starting to use the Bathmate is easy. And its quick to add on into your daily routine- a session of pumping takes less than 10 minutes.

HOWEVER: you do need to see this as being something like a strength training routine  : ) You need regular practice to make gains. Which means you need to allocate time- at least twice a week, for a few minutes at a time- in your bathroom likely.

Basically: you fill the tube with warm water, you place this over your dick flaccid .Though with more experience, try this with various stages of erection, as the resistance increases.

At first: You simply fill the tube with warm water from your bath or shower, place the cylinder over your un-erect penis.  Then pull the pump toward your body once and slowly release to create an initial seal. Water gets ejected from the pump through the release valve at the end of the cylinder.

Now you can start pumping. Pull the cylinder against you and slowly release, and as you pump, your penis will become erect and increase in size. The pressure can be slightly uncomfortable at first, depending on how sensitive you are- but after a couple of sessions we got used to it quickly. It actually felt like a deliberate “jerk off” after awhile!

hot girl blue

Practice The Right Way.

Don’t be a Wanker

Do note that if you have been wanking/masturbating too much before your Bathmate session, your dick might be slow to respond. We actually recommend that you use the Bathmate when you are fairly ready to have erections. Over time, using this while erect gives you much better results.

Keep pumping and releasing slowly and when no more water is ejected from the valve you’ll know that you’ve reached the maximum pressure level.

Once you’re at your ideal pressure, leave the pump on for five or six minutes. The pump is actually simple in design – so you can just remove your penis after. We don’t suggest pulling the pump off too fast though!

You keep pumping: pull in and out, pressure> release> continue. You leave this on for about 5-6 minutes if you are pressed for time. But ideally you should be doing this for about 2-3 sets: so you make faster gains, for a total of less than 20 minutes per workout. (though you can still make some gains with even less) the key is consistency.

Note: better to use warm water, though if you are brave, we find that luke-warm water don’t make much difference. Cold water will probably make your anatomy tense or shrivel though – not good (see below for “twisting”!)

Also, after you are more experienced, you should try using the pump when you are semi erect (after about 1 month), or fully erect after 2-3 months of regular practice. Though it can take some “visualization” to maintain your erection (you can use the cute picture above for help)

The pressure and gains are better, though it can get pretty intense/high pressure, if you are not used to it.

Warming up”?

Some guys say that “warming up” or prepping your cock and balls for the “workout” makes a big difference. It’s said that this adds serious levels to your comfort –but frankly we were a bit lazy and barbaric, so we didn’t warm up much!

Editor’s note: For me it was more important that I get the time with the pump working, rather than I had a totally easy time of it. So I just basically use the Bathmate whenever I can, and don’t have much problems with my balls being twisted (see below). But when you first start out, it may help for you to pay attention to this…

Some guys say it can help to have your dick and balls/scrotal sack nice and loose. If you have a bit of funny positioning for whatever reason, a testicle might get sucked into the pump. And no – unless you are carelessly PUMPING hard on your groin while your balls are already twisted- its not as bad as it actually sounds.

Some people might be more sensitive, but we didn’t have any problems. But you can try “warming up” using some penis exercise techniques.  You can also try using a bathtub or shower with warm water- test your comfort level. But we were frankly trying to go fast- and still did not experience any problems.

Permanent Results

Now presumably you’ve been using this daily for a while now and if you’re a beginner you should start using it while in a flaccid state. Then you can start practicing using it while semi-erect and then erect. You have to do this if you wish for more permanent results. According to the Bathmate guide, you can have permanent results after using it for 6 weeks at least.

But let’s define what “permanent” really means. Perhaps the best way to define this is to compare it with regular exercise and workouts. Now you can lose weight when you go on a diet and you go on a regular workout schedule. But once you lose weight, that doesn’t mean you can suddenly stop exercising … If you revert back to being a couch potato, then eventually you will regain the weight you’ve lost.

It’s much the same thing with the Bathmate. If you use this for at least 6 weeks, then you may notice some permanent improvements. After 12 hours when the effect shrinks back right after using it, your penis will still be bigger than it was before when you started out. The change comes slowly, and that’s a good thing for your safety. After about a year or two, you can end up with a gain of 1 to 1½ inches in length, plus a more striking improvement in girth.

But you have to keep using the Bathmate afterwards. It’s like a treadmill you use to exercise properly, though quite a bit easier. (that’s the best image we could think of for now). You may have to keep using it to maintain the gains you now enjoy, at least for the first few months.

You won’t have to use it daily to maintain your gains, whoever. You only do that when you still want to grow. But when you think that it’s now the right length and girth, you can use it just twice a week for about 5-10 minutes or so per session. And yes after some months the gains do become permanent.



One way you can check whether or not it is authentic is with the price. The price will of course depend mostly on which model you want to buy. The Hercules costs about $110 on the official site, but resellers may offer other enticements such as free shipping for certain countries. Other sellers may even add various freebies to the official package.

What authorized sellers can’t do is to offer discount coupons so the price goes way below the recommended price. The manufacturer is quite firm about this requirement. It provides one easy way to identify the fakes, which often cost much less. And sometimes there may even be some sellers who sell used units as “new” at a discount.


funny bananaAs we’ve noted, the Bathmate brand is extremely popular. So it stands to reason that you’ll find lots of fakes in the online ecommerce sites. These brands don’t work as well, and in fact they can be very dangerous to use. So it’s not exactly good news for a product specifically designed for a sensitive n valuable body part.

The issue of counterfeits has dogged the Bathmate brand for years. This was especially true back in 2008 and 2009, when fakes from Korea flooded the market with substandard units. So nowadays you really have to be very careful about choosing your seller and where you buy your Bathmate.

For now, we only recommend this store, which ships and handles orders from the US and UK Easily.

The Work Might Pay Off

Additional Notes

  • Cleaning. You can get the cleaning kit, but it’s not absolutely necessary. You can just wash it in soap and water, and you’ll be fine. You can also follow the cleaning instructions on the manual.
  • Jelqing. You can use this with the Bathmate, but it’s not strictly necessary. If you do perform these manual exercises, do it before using the Bathmate, not after. That’s because the penis will already be so much larger right after using the hydropump.
  • It works whether you’re circumcised or not.
  • There’s a 2-year warranty for the Bathmate, and there’s even a 60-day no questions asked guarantee for a full refund.
  • The packaging is discreet without any text or images that will reveal the contents. The same goes for the shipping documents and the invoice.

Again, Bathmate is not absolutely necessary for any man. You can learn to be satisfied with what you have. You can also become bigger with manual exercises. It’s just that with Bathmate, you get faster and more impressive results and it’s much safer to use too.

Click here to see the Hercules and “Originals”- at the official Bathmate store.