Best Fat Burner Buying Guide & Results 2017

Why fat burners?

Every year you make the New Year’s Resolution that you are going to work out more, diet, and just generally get into better shape. Or you may be hell bent on reaching your cutting goals – to see ripped layers of lean muscle, for competition or sport.

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But how the heck do you easily maintain a schedule with thousands of reps and a rigid routine? This may be where using a good fat burner comes in.

What do they do?

Fat burners have three main things they do for the body, the first being thermogenesis, a metabolism booster. Calories that go in are processed and burned more efficiently when you are taking a metabolism booster.

The second thing fat burners do is raise energy levels. When dieting you may be getting fewer calories than are necessary, and this can lead to sluggish energy levels. Caffeine is a central ingredient to many all natural fat burners, and this is the reason why.

The third thing fat burners will provide is appetite suppression. Especially when surrounded with high calorie foods, having that appetite suppressant will be helpful in staying on diet and on track to cutting weight.

What Ingredients to look for?

The first thing to look for would be the caffeine and green tea extract. These two ingredients work together to raise metabolism and keep your energy high. And that is just one of the many benefits of green tea as reported by Health Remedies Journal. Combine those with hot pepper extract and you will be burning more calories and have a higher drive to work out.

Vitamin D functions as the appetite suppressant to help you steer clear of high calorie meals and glucomannan gives you that full feeling while absorbing nearby fat cells.

A newer ingredient to look for is green coffee bean extract, which also helps in decreasing fat storage cells and helps cut down glucose in the liver.

What to stay away from?

Anytime you see the words “blend” or “proprietary” you are going to want to stay away. These blends don’t tell what amounts of which ingredient are actually present in the fat burner.

You also want to stay away from fat burners that use ephedra, a stimulant that Web MD reports as unsafe and affects the heart and nervous system. Similar to ephedra, DMAA narrows the blood vessels and can be the cause of heart attacks. DMAE can also over stimulate the user, causing tense muscles and headaches.


There are many great fat burners on the market, you just need to know what ingredients to look for. Fat burners depend on budget as well, some of the most efficient and all natural fat burners happen to be the most expensive. If you check your labels and remember the ingredients to seek out, you can get over that fat loss hump without breaking the bank.

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