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We are glad to share news about the latest products and skills for men’s health and fitness. Our staff is based in the USA and Singapore – but the love we have for physical and mental improvement is universal. So we hope you enjoy the content here!

This site was started when we realized there was a lot of confusing and scammy information around. We wanted to give men more honest choices, and smarter, better options to boost their human potential. So you can be at your best, everyday.

We give the most detailed reports and reviews of products and techniques that we can. In most cases, we test products or training programs on ourselves for quality and effectiveness.

About Evan: Evan Eng is Lead Editor for NewTestosterone. Currently living in Singapore, where he works on this site while trying to keep his refrigerator and cupboard from bursting with bottles of supplements. He has written and edited work for hundreds of products and publications.

With over 5 years of experience in science studies, research and analytical skills, Evan is a graduate of the National University of Singapore, and the Raffles Institution gifted/integrated and talent programs (top programs in the top Singapore schools – and where Singapore is possibly top ranked for education in the world) – but he says that he looks for the “2nd best people and solutions”…  That’s because they tend to work harder, and rely less on unexplained talent!

In 2006, Evan was declared disabled due to joint injuries and imbalances/scoliosis but has since gained full mobility, through functional training and rehab. Now he trains regularly in Muay Thai and Boxing (prepping for MMA) and has taught kali/arnis (weapons) and self defense techniques.

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