Instant Knockout Buying Guide: Does “All Natural” Really Blast Fat?

Instant Knockout Review

It is interesting or even surprising what can be found online about Instant Knockout. At we have done in depth research and gone over hundreds of reviews, and surveyed user responses from all over the internet to get all round representation of what Instant Knockout can do for you…

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We took all this information and present it to you so you don’t have to waste your time researching and can get back to the gym…

What is Instant Knockout?

is an all natural fat burning solution, for which you don’t need to get a doctor or specialists prescription. It includes ingredients like green tea, cayenne pepper seeds, and glucomannan that not only help suppress appetite, but they also help you gain muscle and drop those unwanted pounds.

Don’t take two of these and expect it to be some miracle booster though; Instant Knockout works best after taking it regularly for 2 months, without skipping any doses. But know that it is all natural, and you are getting a natural boost vs the chemicals and fillers in other booster formulas.

What do other people have to say about Instant Knockout?

User reviews of this product are generally positive:

Josh via had this to say about Instant Knockout “The results blew me away.
My energy was back, I was focused on my goal, and the fat seemed to just disappear. After a month on Instant Knockout I’ve lost another 16 pounds putting me at a lean 198 and ready to start the bulking cycle again.”

MMA fighter Diego Sanchez stands behind the product 100 percent, and couldn’t say enough good things via youtube. “Knowing that Instant Knockout is all natural definitely plays in my decision to take it. You know exactly what you’re getting down to the exact dose of each ingredient …By week three I was down 15 pounds, it was very fast. I’ve only been taking Instant Knockout for 5 weeks, and I’m down 25 pounds. It’s not only the fat loss, I have great energy, I feel good, I’m more confident. I’m getting leaner and leaner every day and I’m still getting leaner.”

What results should I expect from Instant Knockout? has this to say about what to expect from Instant Knockout:

“One of the main ingredients in Instant Knockout is caffeine, if you have a low tolerance it may give you some light-headedness for a few days before you get used to it.”

“Technically you’ll burn more calories than usual. But if you’re using this as an excuse to eat more, you’ll see no real changes. Fat burners are made to take your cut that one step further. To get the best results you need to be on top of your diet and exercise.”

The green tea and cayenne pepper in Instant Knockout work together to not only burn fat but also to suppress appetite and to boost metabolism; it really is the whole package of physical improvement. And although this product isn’t marketed as a testosterone booster, it does include zinc, which is great for testosterone, and all round fitness. Most people nowadays have noticeable zinc deficiencies, so usually we need all we can get of this vital mineral .

Instant Knockout – Does it really work?

We have to say that Instant Knockout will not melt off the pounds in a few days – and you should be alarmed if it did! Ridiculously fast weight loss is not healthy.

This stuff works best when taken for 3+ months, and when combined with a decent diet and fitness program. It takes 1-2 months for you to start building new habits. And at the 3 month mark or so, real transformations really start to kick in- though some people may see results even before that.

The all natural ingredients can mean a non-miraculous time taken to kick in, which can be a downside for some who are looking for instant results. Male Health Review mentions that “It’s definitely a little on the expensive side, but once you try it you will realize what a quality product it actually is. Besides, it’s better than wasting half that amount for something that doesn’t even work.”

Instant Knockout is especially helpful for athletes looking to cut weight and remain strong – you can push your goals further and faster than without this. Appetite suppression lets you stay on your diet plan, while revving up your metabolism and fat loss with thermogenic properties. Stimulants keep you pumped up while still remaining healthy (each dosage is equivalent to only 2/3 cup of coffee). Instant Knockout features a great synergy of fat burning features, where the combination is greater than separate parts. With a good fitness plan , you will get ripped or cut.   

Price and Where to Buy

At $59, the product is noticeably higher priced than many cheaper Amazon brands, but the price drops to about $46/bottle if you buy multiple bottles.

If you are used to buying all your supplements on Amazon you won’t be able to get Instant Knockout there. The product is only sold through the company’s website. This helps the UK based company (Roar Ambition) to control quality and prevent scams from sellers.


Clean, natural ingredients combine with good quality controls: in 2017 this is the best fat burner we know of so far. Results and testimonials speak for themselves; Instant Knockout boosts metabolism and fat loss, reduces hunger cravings, and ups your energy levels- for quick and long term results.

Click To See Instant Knockout Buying Options On The Official Website

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