Test Boost Elite Review- Does it Really Boost Testosterone?

Test Boost Elite Review:

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Have you taken a quick look at the Amazon webpage of Test Boost Elite? It shows that it’s a #1 bestseller, at least for Tribulus herbal supplements. It has garnered more than a thousand reviews in just a short time, and that’s a feat considering how many other supplements of this type are there. The product also has lots of resellers as well, offering rave reviews that aren’t any different from just plain advertising.

A closer inspection of the packaging shows a heavily muscled man holding a huge dumbbell, so it’s promoted as a muscle-building supplement as well. It’s not just for older men who need some help getting their testosterone levels back up. So let’s take a real objective look at it and see if it pans out.

What is Test Boost Elite?

Test Boost Elite is an herbal supplement designed to boost testosterone levels. It can be used by older men, who may experience lower T-levels as they grow older. This is natural for older men. A loss of testosterone can lead to a general sense of lethargy as well as a decreased sex drive.

But it’s also marketed towards younger men who need more testosterone to get more energy, strength, and endurance for their workouts. Do you know that anabolic steroids are simply synthetic variants of testosterone? The problem with them is that they’re synthetic composition isn’t really taken all that well by the human body. The side effects can be horrendous.

With Test Boost Elite, you get ingredients that are designed to help your body to increase the levels of testosterone naturally. That’s why it’s much safer, as naturally produced testosterone doesn’t cause near-fatal side effects.

What differentiates Test Boost Elite is that its ingredients contain some of the most popular ingredients in the herbal testosterone supplement industry. These include Tribulus Terrestris, horny goat weed, fenugreek seed extract, maca root powder, panax ginseng root extract, tongkat ali extract, and yohimbe bark extract. It contains DIM (diindolylmethane) which acts as an estrogen blocker, and it also contains zinc.

The Reviews

It’s not so easy to find more unbiased reviews on Test Boost Elite, although the review on the supplementreviews.org is a pretty representative example. At least you can trust it as it’s not selling the product on the site.

The conclusion of the review is that it’s not recommended because its ingredients don’t match up with other boosters with more comprehensive formulas. But as it is, the review does admit that it’s pretty good.

It contains a lot of the popular T-booster ingredients in its formula. Having a lot of them is sort of like using a shotgun approach. Not all of them may work for you, since people have different reactions to these extracts. But some may work, and they may be enough to result in T-level improvements.


Its Amazon page seems to have a very good rating out of hundreds of reviews. In fact the majority give it full marks. Examples are among the most helpful reviews:

I felt the difference after a week. I am over 50 and this product gave me more energy and stamina on my workouts and day to day activities. My workouts seem easier and I am able to increase the weights when I lift.” Ray P, verified purchase.

I have tried a number of different testosterone supplements and Boost Elite has made the most impact. It has helped me lose weight while working out at the gym and has also increased my libido on a regular basis. I have not experienced any side effects.” Anonymous, verified purchase.

However, what’s alarming is that among the 10 most recent reviews (at least at the writing of this review), 5 give it just 1-star while another 3 reviews give it a 2-star rating. The comments include:

Waste of money. Doesn’t work.” – Stephen Kelly

Didn’t work for me at all.” – Karima Bayi

Also, there are several reports of side effects:

Gave me horrible headaches the first two days of taking it. Had to quit using.” – BandC

This stuff works! Hubby took it for a while but I made him stop. He was getting a bit aggressive and seemed to stay worked up and agitated.” – Aates, verified purchase

Not sure if it works but it breaks my face out (acne).” – Brian F, verified purchase

The Science

There have always been debates regarding the scientific proof for these herbal ingredients. Most of the time, you may see scientific studies and reports that indicate that a particular ingredient may have some natural T-booster properties. But for the most part, these ingredients have a long history as libido boosters in herbal folklore.

What’s incontrovertible is that for the most part they’re safe, at least as ingredients. But according to a few scattered reports, that may not be true of Test Boost Elite.

Where Can You Buy Test Boost Elite?

This can very tricky when you go online. Some sites offer glowing reviews, so they seem like sellers. However, when you click on then “Buy Here!” button, you’re taken to a page that’s offering a different supplement.

So your best bet is to just go on Amazon and buy it from there. Here the manufacturer is also the seller (Zhou Nutrition), so at least it seems legit. Pricing is actually pretty good, and you also get 15% savings with the other products.

As of this writing, Zhou is also offering discounts on bulk orders. You save 10% when you buy 2 bottles at once, 15% when you buy 3, and 20% when you buy 4 or more. There are certain restrictions, though.

Final Verdict

It’s true that it has a high average rating, but the trend of recent bad reviews is troubling. Are expectations too high, or are the latest batches not good enough? You may want to use something that’s more reliable and tested.