Test Worx Review- Does this online “Bestseller” really work?

Superior Labs Test Worx Review- Is it worth buying on Amazon and GNC?

The Good: Some good results. Straightforward refund policy. 

The Bad:  Proprietary formula may hide inefficient dosages. Could do better all round.

3 star out of 5What is Test Worx?

Test Worx is supposedly the #1 testosterone booster in the US – though actually its claim to fame is that it seems very popular on Amazon, with hundreds of reviews (click here to see buying options on Amazon)

Its manufacturer used to claim it can increase testosterone levels by up to 132% based on the outcome of human trials… supposedly It’s a 6-week cycle and effects should be noticeable within 2-4 weeks. Now they seemed to have removed this claim (thankfully) – and they seem to be upgrading their formula as months go by.

Education or M@$turbation?
TestWorx claims to reduce levels of SHBG or “Sex Hormone Binding Globulin” – “a protein molecule that binds to testosterone rendering it inactive and unable for use by the body.” This is actually nothing very new to testosterone supplementation – usable or free testosterone is considered different from total testosterone levels. For men, having more free testosterone is usually a good thing.

Main Ingredients of Test Worx are:  Zinc, Vitamin B6, Eurycoma Longifolia/LongJack , Tribulus Terrestris, Maca, and L-Arginine.test-worx-ingredients-2016

  • L-Arginine – This essential amino acid works by dilating the blood vessels and enabling nutrients and O2 to move into the muscle tissues. It enhances one’s performance, increase sex drive, burns belly fat, and improves erections. However Arginine is known to be somewhat unreliable, and we prefer citrulline which is a much better version for endurance and health.
  • Vitamin B12 – This vitamin functions by producing more red blood cells (RBCs) so that muscle cells will have sufficient supply of oxygen. It reduces fatigue and strengthens muscles.
  • Vitamin B6 – This vitamin is crucial to the production of testosterone. It also helps improve mental health, relieve stress and convert fat to energy.
  • Zinc – This is another mineral that aids in proper testosterone levels. It also normalizes sperm count, aids in muscle gain and heightens energy. This is a big help for supporting testosterone.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – This root extract is a mild libido and endurance booster, but actually does not really work for actual testosterone levels.
  • Maca – This natural extract aids in recovery after workouts and also improves muscle gain.  Its performance in boosting the libido is very consistent among many different studies and the improvement is quite notable. It also increases the frequency of erections, boosts sexual function, and enhances the feeling of well-being.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) – This vitamin aids in health blood circulation, repairs damaged cells, and lowers one’s anxiety levels
  • Nettle Root – This ingredient may reduce inflammation, and aid in recovery; but tends to be better as a backup ingredient.

Now most of these ingredients are actually pretty decent. Many yield mild (but not miraculous) results as low testosterone treatments, holistic health, stamina and libido benefits.

However we do wish Test Worx included less technical jargon : )  “Eurypeptides” are actually compounds that come from one of the ingredients – Eurycoma Longifolia or LongJack. We like Longjack as it has minor but consistent benefits for a range of things, from libido to strength to emotional states – but Longjack and these other ingredients are actually commonly used in boosters and not unique.

Proprietary formula- excusable? 

Many of these proprietary formulas have insufficient ingredients. The total serving of TestWorx’s secret formula comes up to less than 1 gram of nutrients. We’ve seen worse though, so we are willing to give this the benefit of the doubt.

Still not quite boosted. 

But do note that you will find it difficult to keep track of dosages if you are taking other supplements.

Testimonials and Results?

We tried this for 3 weeks and then stopped: admittedly this is not long, but initial results were not stellar. We did feel a slight boost for energy and recovery, but nothing near what the better supplements deliver- even for the first few days. And we usually have fairly intensive training programs that we need to save the best resources for.

But we were amazed at the hundreds of glowing testimonials on Amazon. Digging deeper, we noticed a number of reviewers claiming poor experiences with the product first – but being offered to write a positive review in exchange for a free bottle.

One user even attached a picture he claims was sent to him by Superior Labs (the manufacturer) offering him a free bottle in exchange for a positive review. We think that’s still not too horrible (you wouldn’t want a free bottle if you thought it did not work) –  and Test Worx has far more positive reviews than not – but we keep in mind that not all polls are accurate. I mean, look at the pre-election polls for Trump  : )

Still, their reputation management skills are excellent. We see dozens of reviews flooding in every month, as well as the occasional remark that senior managers actually call personally to persuade that negative reviews be changed. Based on the ingredients, we maintain that Test Worx might create some good results, but is probably weak for the price, and there are better products out there.


Test Worx Results

One good thing about this; unlike many other testosterone boosters, Test Worx does not promise super quick results. Each bottle is good for 6 weeks, which is a realistic time for many types of supplements and workout or lifestyle changes to take effect.

Once the 6-week period has passed, you will be instructed to take a full week off this supplement so that your body can respond to buildup and tolerance.

How Do You Take It?

If you want optimal results and minimal side effects, you have to make sure that you carefully follow the directions.

You have to take 2 capsules for 5 days, and then refrain from taking any for 2 days. It is easier to remember if you take the capsules every weekday and cycle off every weekend. This way, the entire bottle should last you for 6 weeks. After the 6-week cycle is complete and the bottle is done, you should then take a week off from Test Worx before you initiate another cycle.

Is Test Worx Safe?

Based on ingredients and our trial, we really don’t think Test Worx causes major side effects unless you over dose for some reason. Most users of this product have said they never experienced any side effects, though there are users who reported mild agitation and acne breakouts.

Where to Buy Test Worx

You can buy Test Worx Online (Click to see options on Amazon) However if you’re looking for Test Worx at GNC or other online stores, you’re likely not going to find one. Buying from either Amazon or their main site should be fine, as you are covered by various guarantees.


We believe Test Worx has some good effects, but also noticeable flaws. It is hampered by a proprietary formula, and we think some ingredients could be slightly better. You should probably try another formula with transparent dosages and efficient ingredients all round.

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63 years old please tell me that works. Need help with sex drive and erections. PLEASE
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Marie says

This product has made my husband a nervous wreck. He can’t even stand him self. I hate this. He is about 300 pounds. He has been angry and mad he’s not like this.

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