Testofuel Reviews & Buying Guide -3 STRONG Reasons To Try?

TestoFuel Review and Results- Summary: 

The Good: Good ingredients and results. Quality controls and reputation.

The Bad:  Somewhat strict refund policy. Premium pricing.


In 2014 Testofuel was easily the market leader. It is still extremely popular, and some think it is still THE name mentioned when you talk about test boosters. So Testofuel is one of the pioneers of “natural test boosters”.  Meaning that most of the ingredients can be found naturally- meaning that they’re not “anabolic steroids”, not synthetic or complicated to use.

Testofuel is “evidence based”- results for health, energy and testosterone are transparent, and backed by science, and have a good body of evidence for it.

Test boosters vs Steroidsfor better or worse?

To Keep it simple:  Testosterone boosters like Testofuel help the body to make more testosterone on its own. They are NOT synthetic or anabolic steroids. “Anabolic/synthetic steroids” are a term for lab created drugs (taken by injection or in pills) to directly introduce synthetic testosterone into the body.

We don’t actively encourage using ‘Roids, but acknowledge that many athletes are using this. Methods can involve injections which you need to track on a detailed or even daily basis (not to mention that they tend to be illegal, and side effects are often stronger) “Natural” test boosters are safer and easier to use.

Testofuel Ingredients and Dosages:


TestoFuel was initially meant to be a testosterone formula for bodybuilders that’s clean, and simple:

What we first noticed and liked about this was that it had big dosages of essential vitamins and minerals for testosterone support: AND that they worked in a synergy or “stack”:

Vitamin D3 (and a BIG dose) Vitamin K2, Magnesium and Zinc – all of them work together to enhance their effects – for testosterone, overall health, and healing various libido or stress related problems.

Vitamin B6 + Magnesium Aspartate + Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate actually add up to the classic sports stack called ZMA – linked to greater strength, androgens (masculine functions and features), deeper sleep and faster muscle recovery!

As for the other ingredients?

D aspartic acid:  One notable point about Testofuel is 2300 mg of DAA- what we consider a modest but generous dosage. DAA can stimulate testosterone release effectively (some research shows a BIG spike, 42% in 12 days.), as well as libido and fertility. Blue balls is an interesting side effect  : )

It also boosts the Luteinizing Hormone that signals the testes to make more testosterone, and seems to have a role in the release of growth hormone. Some bodybuilders recommend big doses of 5,000mg + of DAA, but there may be side effects such as estrogen levels fluctuating, though evidence for this is not conclusive.

Still, hormones are meant to be balanced and you may actually not want high testosterone at the expense of everything else! 2300 mg is decent and useful for daily use.

Asian Red Panax Ginseng : 100 mg

We really like Panax (or True) Ginseng. Ginseng supplies active ginsenosides that have been shown in animal and human research to boost testosterone, fertility, mental alertness, stamina and immunity –  and even more.

Study:   Study:

We note that the company used to use cheaper inferior Siberian ginseng in the past, and it’s a good thing that they are not too complacent to change, upgrading their formula as time goes by.

Fenugreek , 100 mg: this can help testosterone, sex drive, muscle growth and endurance. There is some debate about effectiveness, though our stand is that this is largely positive.

Ingredients Analysis?

Overall Testofuel has : 1. a good selection of foundational Testosterone ingredients

2. in an effective and synergized formula.

3. transparent dosages and quality controls

The focal points in the Testofuel formula are the strong Vitamin D + K combination. Secondary notables would be the ZMA stack- the Zinc , vitamin B6 and magnesium combination. These are very good for testosterone as well as general health support and recovery. Other doses of DAA (2300 mg), Ginseng (100mg) and Fenugreek (100mg) are decent but more modest.

The Testofuel formula is a simple, solid one.

Who Should Use Testofuel? Who Should NOT?

We also think that Testofuel can be quite easy to stack or combine with other supplements, as it includes a focused blend of a few major ingredients in good doses, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades. Which can make this easier for users and especially athletes already taking other supplements.

But note that though you may see some quick results, ideally you should be taking this for 3+ months – some results are quick, but natural testosterone enhancement is better seen long term.

You get more energy and recovery for better workouts, and you’ll maintain gains and weight composition more easily, but you should not expect your T levels to get a super boost. It would be a bit unrealistic to expect 1000+ ng/dl from this alone (which is near the limit for normal humans), though it will give you an edge when combined with a good training program.

Does it matter if you’re older or younger?

There’s not much difference between using this for bodybuilding or Health; other good formulas with less emphasis on muscle also use similar ingredients. Even if you are younger or fitter, testosterone actually fluctuates throughout the day– and can change depending on success, your mood, fatigue or stress! A natural test booster can help on many occasions, even if you do not have major low testosterone or aging problems.

How Good is Testofuel – Results?

Testofuel’s formula seems to have bodybuilding roots- as noted in the ingredients stacks above- but is actually decent for any man. It seems especially popular among athletes or bodybuilders who have a hard time gaining mass (but see below for cutting and lean muscle gains).

Part of the reason could be that a “hardgainer” may have a low testosterone problem, which is very common nowadays in most world cities. We saw testimonials of users who seem to have had a naturally lean physique.

Williams says that he felt a noticeable difference between using this and other leading brands of supplements like the Universal’s Animal series (and we will agree that some other well known brands are less consistent/easy to use) – and that he is very sure it was Testofuel that made the major difference for him.

Testofuel also seems popular for use in cutting cycles- when a bodybuilder or athlete is cutting weight, while trying to maintain his lean muscle gains. Athletes can suffer from calorie defecits and increased system stress. This can cause low testosterone related problems; Testofuel seems good for preventing this.


One of the best parts about reviewing an established product and company is seeing dozens of testimonials. No we don’t think they are faked. We can be cynical but sometimes its just heartwarming to see stuff like this:

Bryce got blood tested; and its not just for superhumans, but it helps the underdog reach for health and the good life:

Bryce clearly points out that transparent ingredients are better all round- so you know what goes into your body. He also stresses that its important to buy from a credible source; Roar Ambition is willing to display proof of results by gathering as many detailed testimonials as possible.

And of course its good to know that at 70 years old, bodybuilding legend Mr Olympia Robbie Robinson bothers to introduce Testofuel to his associates/organizations and ‘Lifter friends.

Elite athletes can be very mistrustful of supplements companies and what is recommended to them- and its great to know that Robby is willing to stake his reputation, because he trusts the product personally:

As mentioned, test boosters can help for any age- not just those marketed toward young bodybuilders.

Can I combine Testofuel with other Supplements for daily use?

Testofuel is quite safe and non-toxic; ingredients are natural and meant for long term benefits. You should always check specific supplements labels, but Testofuel is easily combined with most daily supplements, and is very unlikely to cause side effects.

Testofuel Price? 

Testofuel seems fairly expensive, at $65/box (there is a buy 3 get 1 free though, which works out to $49/box). This could be meant to appeal to serious quality buyers. The company seems determined not to allow for various discount offers, and has more strict quality controls against re-sellers.

Gotta Prove Your Innocence.

Refund Policy:  You probably should know that this has a firm refund policy:

“Before requesting a refund, you must have:

  • – Taken TestoFuel for a full 90 days as instructed by the packaging.
  • – Performed regular weight lifting exercises.
  • – Eaten a consistently healthy and rich calorific diet…

This guarantee is only available for consumers who have purchased 3 or more boxes.”

If the product or delivery is their fault, the returns policy should be okay. But it’s the REFUND policy that is strict if you try to prove that Testofuel does not work for testosterone.

You need to prove that you have been serious about trying Testofuel for 3 months. And so the refund only applies if you have bought 3 bottles.

Where to buy Testofuel : “Can I buy Testofuel on Amazon?”  Discounts?

We searched but you cannot buy this on Amazon, GNC etc, only direct from Testofuel.com. This is a way to enforce quality control, ensuring there are no cheap replica knockoffs.


Testofuel is a solid, dependable formula that works. It has good dosages overall, is a balanced all rounder.

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