Prime Male vs Testofuel- Battle of the Giants!

Prime Male vs Testofuel- SuperHero Ingredients Showdown:

Battle of the giants: Testofuel and Prime Male are 2 of the most popular testosterone supplements as we enter 2017- and we get a lot of people asking about how they compare.

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We notice others talk about how its like comparing oranges to apples. Like a “booster for bodybuilders” is different from a “booster for older guys”. Nah we don’t really agree on this fluff distinction, and we have a preference of product choice.

So here we go! *Ding Ding Ding* Supplement Fights, Round One…

Fantastic Testofuel

Ingredients Compared

D-Aspartic Acid : Prime Male has 1600 mg D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (DAA- CC) VS TestoFuel:  2300 mg (normal DAA)

Mucuna Pruriens:  Prime Male has 300 mg  VS Testofuel 0 mg

Boron:  Prime Male has 5 mg VS Testofuel 0 mg

Prime Male Ingredients

Panax Ginseng: Prime Male has 120 mg VS TestoFuel 100 mg

Luteolin: Prime Male has 60 mg VS Testofuel 0 mg

Magnesium : Prime Male has 100 mg  VS TestoFuel 200 mg

Nettle Root:  Prime Male has 160 mg VS Testofuel 0 mg

Testofuel Ingredients

Vitamin B6: Prime Male has 7.5 mg  VS TestoFuel 5 mg

Vitamin D3 : Prime Male has 5000 IU VS TestoFuel 5000 IU

Vitamin K2 : Prime Male has 45 mcg VS TestoFuel 18 mcg

Zinc: Prime Male has 30 mg  VS TestoFuel 10 mg

BioPerine : Prime Male has 10 mg

Fenugreek:  TestoFuel has 100 mg VS Prime Male has 0 mg

Oyster Extract:  TestoFuel has 100 mg but this is already included in zinc and other vitamin dosages (for a fully disclosed formula)

Round 1- Formulas and Synergy:

testofuelSo Prime Male seems to have more numbers of ingredients: something like 12 ingredients to Testofuel’s 9. But you know what they say about Quality over Quantity: so does this mean that Testofuel is a Master- whereas Prime Male is a jack of all trades?

Nope: BOTH Prime Male and Testofuel share similar synergy-ingredients. 

Prime Male includes T boosters which are classically effective with a range of positive and reliable evidence, for any man (regardless of age). It has Mucuna, Nettle and Bioperine, which Testofuel does not have. Some “researchers” claim that these are only necessary for older men- we say rubbish: Mucuna’s levadopa has been tested to increase growth and strength on youths, Nettle is used in other youth oriented and muscle formulas, and bioperine helps all kinds of absorption.

Prime Male has five ingredients of which are what we consider very effective and important: D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Mucuna Pruriens, Vitamin D, and Boron.

  •  But what Testofuel and Prime Male share in common is something like a a ZMA stack: that many athletes like for recovery as well as testosterone support. It typically includes zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 – which both formulas have in good doses…

But with Prime Male having slightly more zinc (30 mg zinc citrate), and a higher quality version of zinc. So the ZMA stack is known to bodybuilders- but Prime Male also includes this.

* Vitamin K2 works well with Vitamin D3: both Testofuel and Prime Male include this combination- though Prime Male has a bit more K2. They work together to increase a number of health functions like heart health, which has better results than if you use them separately.

Some critics of high dosages of Vitamin D (which both Testofuel and Prime Male have) claim that high Vitamin D increases risk of weakness due to calcification. However, including K2 in either formula reduces this risk further- and 5000 IUs is still what we consider low risk.

*  Same goes for magnesium which also works well with Vitamin D

Both formulas use good quality versions of Magnesium (magnesium oxide is not easily absorbed) . Testofuel has slightly higher magnesium, no big deal.thor_vs_the_thingBut Prime Male has the synergy that Testofuel does, and more besides. Plus you’ll see better quality ingredients discussed versions later.

Round 1 goes to Prime Male. The God of Thunder is swifter and more skilled than the Orange one, pelting Thing with a barrage of blows.

Round 2: Dosages

*  So Zinc works well as a testosterone supplement AND works well with magnesium and vitamin B. But Prime Male has 30mg of high quality zinc citrate. As well as bioperine which enhances absorption of all ingredients further, to make this one really effective.

  •  Prime Male includes Mucuna/Velvet bean good for T levels, mood, and health, as well as Luteolin, which is good for synergizing testosterone interactions. None of these are especially massive, but good as backup.

We really like Mucuna; which can also improve strength and mass (androgenic enhancement), as well as stimulate growth hormone (this study done on youths). And even improve health and alertness for children. So even though Prime Male is marketed as a “low testosterone” solution for older men, its silly to differentiate testosterone boosters for “muscle building”. Many ingredients are not exclusive to older athletes!

So both formulas use similar combinations- but we note that Prime Male tends to have slightly better quality and quantity all round.

But we also notice that many bodybuilders use a LOT of supplements, so Testofuel’s condensed and simpler formula may be easier to combine in a “stack”

* Generally Prime Male has slightly higher dosages for a number of ingredients, BUT:

The noticeable difference is that Testofuel includes 2300 mg of DAA, in contrast with Prime Male’s 1600 mg of DAA-CC (calcium chelate- a superior version) DAA Calcium Chelate is known to bodybuilders as higher quality- and Prime Male includes this even though its not packaged as a “muscle building test booster”.

thor hammer

Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power…

So Testofuel seems to supply an extra 700 mg of DAA. But note that DAA-CC is absorbed much more easily than normal DAA and is considered higher quality. Because of the very high absorption rate of DAA-CC – the DAA it includes is not wasted in your body or digestion.

But also note that DAA is not meant to have a direct effect on strength and mass gain – it interacts with hormones and chain reactions. It can help fast if you have existing hormonal issues, or for better energy/athletic performance all round, but claims for big muscle boosts FAST are unlikely– though it is an “optimizer” or “enhancer” for testosterone.

You should not expect Testofuel to be a “legal steroid”- where you get big muscle gains from superhuman T levels just from this alone. Partly why we think its not warranted to classify some test boosters as mainly for “muscle building”.

*  Testofuel includes 100mg of fenugreek (Prime Male does not):  that’s good for Testofuel, cos fenugreek has strong effects for libido, as well as good effects for testosterone and strength. 100 mg is actually considered a modest to low dosage.

We see fenugreek as being better as a supporting ingredient, as some formulas pile this on as a short term cheap boner pill (in big doses), and big doses can also stimulate too much estrogen, which causes side effects. Though the smaller dose for Testofuel is not bad.    Study:  Study:

*  Both have Asian or Korean quality ginseng in roughly the same dosage; which is good for testosterone, energy, alertness.

Study (erections, circulation)  Study:

Study (decreases blood glucose, which is a testosterone blocker):

This can also work on younger men, especially if they have low testosterone. If you are 20 years old for example and with low T levels – nothing says this won’t work for you!

Thing 2

Not Liking This...

And we see that Testofuel uses the 70 year old Robinson (legendary bodybuilder) for a testimonial. And how Robby uses Testofuel to help preserve his gains with age. Divisions between “older” boosters, and “muscle building” boosters are more a case of packaging.

*  Testofuel’s Oyster extract is actually like a muti vitamin; but note that its ingredients – dosages of zinc, magnesium and B6 are actually already included in the transparent formulas that Testofuel uses (and Prime male also discloses its formula).

Generally Prime Male is better – and there’s not much specialized difference in either muscle building , or anti aging, for either formula. Both help enhance testosterone – and for all related benefits.

Both are strong, but the God Prince is stronger than the Orange. They grapple, but Testo-Thing loses ground … Round 2 goes to Prime Male.

Round 3: Quality Control and Track Record

Both products are made in FDA approved facilities and with Good Manufacturing Practices. Testofuel has been round 1-2 years longer, and has a big fan base of thousands of likes. But Prime Male has quality testimonials from more veteran sports athletes, as well as more people offering specific results. And better quality ingredients.

The Prince of Asgard has super strength, but Testo-Thing is a heavy lifter! This is tough so we’ll call it a draw. 

Round 4: Pricing

Prime Male is $69/ bottle, Testofuel is $65. That comes to $2.30 /serving for Prime Male, and $2.17 per serving for Testofuel.

Honestly we think this is negligible. Prime Male tends to give off a more premium vibe, whereas Testofuel is more “energetic and fun”  –  but if you’re gonna count down to complain about a few cents per serving, you’d probably be better off not shopping for any supplements at all.

Not pushing you to throw away your cash- but just saying! The Thing scores a jab on Thor’s nose; A small victory goes to Testofuel.

Verdict:thor 2





Testofuel is effective and better than many other test boosters. But to put it simply: Prime Male is just better, for quantity and quality.

Prime Male does not have a massive edge  – but scores victories in a number of areas.

TKO:  So the winner by technical knock out is :  Prime Male. 

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