Virectin Review- Does this really work better than Viagra?

Virectin Review- Results, Side Effects and more:

The Good:  Should have been potentially good testosterone and libido boosting ingredients

The Bad:  Likely underdosed. Some risk of long term side effects.


Have you lost your sexual desire? Want to last longer in bed? If so, you might consider taking male enhancement supplements…  These products are specially designed for men, offering lasting erections. They are supposed to work by increasing your body’s natural testosterone levels and overall endurance.

Virectin is a natural male enhancement formula that supports sexual performance and libido. It’s made with herbal ingredients, which makes it safer than most prescription drugs and OTC medications. Due to its testosterone boosting effects, Virectin is ideal for men who want to feel stronger, have more energy, and last longer in the sheets. It contains no fillers, additives, or chemicals.

Testosterone, the male hormone, plays a key role in sexual health. Low testosterone levels can lead to fatigue, muscle loss, weight gain, and mood changes. This issue also affects your sexual performance as well as your libido.

Virectin claims to enhance sex drive due to its unique combination of niacin, fenugreek, tribulus, zinc, selenium, and eurycoma longifolia extract.virectin ingredients

Virectin Results – Is this likely to work?

This natural make enhancement supplement looks quite promising. We like the fact that all of its ingredients are fully disclosed on the label, which allows you to see the exact dosage. Just like everything else, Virectin has its drawbacks.

Apart from its more generous dosages of zinc and tongkat ali, most other ingredients are underdosed, which affects their efficiency…

Virectin Ingredients – What’s Inside Virectin? 


This mineral plays a crucial role in testosterone production. Research shows that zinc deficiency is often the main culprit behind erectile dysfunction. A 2009 study conducted on rats has found that those who received 5 mg of zinc per day experienced better sexual function and greater arousal.

The dosage here is strong, but zinc sulphate would be considered lower quality than zinc citrate or zinc gluconate- which can affect absorption somewhat.


Virectin provides 50 mcg of selenium per serving, which is about 71 percent of the daily recommended intake. This trace mineral may increase sperm volume and quality, boost testosterone levels, and enhance sex drive. This dosage is okay, and could be higher.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat ali, also known as eurycoma longifolia jack, is one of the few natural testosterone boosters with proven benefits. This herbal extract helps maintain normal hormone levels in men. Due to its aphrodisiac properties, it improves semen quality, enhances sexual arousal, and stimulates libido.

The drawback is that most sources of tongkat ali are contaminated with mercury and other heavy metals that may cause damage to your health. Also, you want to know the standardized concentrations for this herb- 1:100 or 1:200 concentrations (higher the better) indicate a more potent extract. And Virectin does not seem to offer much quality assurances and certifications: it looks like a cheap effort.

Tribulus Terrestris

Despite its popularity, Tribulus Terrestris lacks scientific support. This herb claims to increase testosterone production and libido: the evidence is weak for testosterone, but better for sex drive and general health support. This should ideally be standardized for a natural steroid Protodioscin.

The reason we recommend testosterone support all round is because testosterone is a key hormone – it affects not just your sex drive but the balance of strength, energy, aging, and virtually everything else. We see this as a better overall and long term solution.


This amino acid is commonly used in pre-workout supplements for its ability to raise nitric oxide levels and improve blood flow. Virectin delivers only 300 mg per serving, which may not be enough to produce visible results. The daily recommended dose is at least three grams (3000 mg) a day.fool-tarot

Avena Sativa/ Oat herb

Wild oats, also known as avena sativa, may increase free testosterone levels in men and support a healthy sexual response. For this reason, it’s commonly referred to as natural Viagra. However, large doses (up to 1.5 grams a day) are necessary in order to see any improvements. Virectin provides just 500 mg per serving, which is too low.

Mucuna Pruriens/Velvet Bean

This is excellent for relaxation, fertility, testosterone and more. However it would be better if we knew concentrations, and suspect the dosage here to be a bit low as well. It also helps to know concentration/potency and standardization for the levodopa(dopamine) in mucuna to be effective.

Fenugreek Extract:  The research is mixed in what concerns this herbal extract. Fenugreek is a good tesosteorne and libido booster: and small dosages work fine. There should be no problems for this one.

Gingko:  Popular plant used for brain health – this is actually fairly reliable but not very strong. It also tends to be better for patients already facing cognitive/mental decline. Usually used in total daily dosages closer to 200-400 mg, again Virectin looks under-dosed here. Sigh.

Saw Palmetto: This one is tricky; it’s a herb that is a pretty strong DHT blocker. Some testosterone converts to DHt or dihydrotestosterone for strength, libido and masculinity. DHT blockers are sometimes used to control side effects of excess testosterone such as acne or hair loss in certain people, but can also produce other side effects like impotence or weakness. Thankfully the dosage here is likely not strong – but we consider this an odd ingredient unless using this deliberately to counter/complement certain types of drugs or steroids.

Epimedium/Horny Goat Weed:  Decent libido booster- under-dosed here

Maca Root:  Works as an aphrodisiac – but not much else – and the dosage here is again likely not effective. The effective doses are usually 1500 mg + …. ahhh Virectin why the hell do you bother?

Ashwagandha:  Less consistent trial results but good for testosterone and stamina in our opinion. But you usually need bigger doses than here, and certain better quality controls like standardizing for potency. Some types of Ashwagandha are also better quality (KSM or Sensoril types).

Damiana: Now this ones pretty much useless... supposedly an adaptogen or libido booster, but very little evidence.

Cnidum Monnieri:  Chinese medicine uses this as a libido booster, but very little evidence again.

Xanthium Fruit: Chinese medicinal herb again:  Supposedly used for the flu, Not much evidence of benefits or research, and often described as being potentially toxic! Thankfully this comes with a low dosage here. Isn’t it great; they’ve thought of everything  ; p

Xanthium- What’s your Poison?


So Virectin also contains saw palmetto, epimedium, Ginkgo Biloba, maca root powder, ashwagandha root, damiana, and cnidium monnieri…. Some of these have good health and libido effects, but are probably under-dosed all round! Eg. even a strong concentrate of ashwagandha usually takes at least 200mg + to be effective. We see no evidence of quality controls like standardized dosages and concentrations….

Virectin seems to use a kitchen sink formula: throwing big numbers of ingredients in, but usually with inaccurate dosages, or with more concern for short term libido boosting rather than long term health.

Some team mates did feel a libido boost from this – but we’ve felt stronger- and that’s with using far better quality supplements. We also do not trust the use of this supplement long term – who knows what side effects might accumulate?

What’s the Drawback?

This male enhancement supplement is marketed as a cure-all, but, unfortunately, it lacks scientific proof. No clinical testing data is shown on the manufacturer’s website. This may be a big concern.

Some ingredients may cause adverse effects, such as high blood pressure, nausea, and hot flashes. Vinectrin can interact with alcohol and other medications, so it should be used with caution.

Virectin vs Viagra: Frying pan into the Fire? 

Virectin is likely lower risk than Viagra, but there could be slight long term side effects. For example, we usually don’t like seeing the presence of saw palmetto (click here) , as though low risk in the short term, has been known to create severe side effects if used in large dosages in the long run.

Where to Buy Virectin?

Virectin is available on Amazon for $56 95. You can also buy it from the manufacturer’s website for $44.95. Customers who order multiple bottles receive free shipping or discounts.

Our Verdict

This has some definitely obvious libido benefits, but we say that you try this at your own risk.

It does offer heavy doses of zinc, tongkat ali, and niacin, but most ingredients are poorly dosed, and lack signs of quality control

We prefer good testosterone boosters for complete solutions- as they tend to boost the libido and much more. Sex drive, fitness and aging in men tend to have related hormone interactions, and testosterone is the mater hormone. You should seek a good supplement with clinically accurate dosages and higher quality.

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